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Homeopathy Remedies

Homeopathy remedies are safe, effective and inexpensive. Trying a homeopathic remedy for relief of an acute conditions such as colds and flu, headache, allergy or injury will amaze you.

Healing Quickly with Homeopathic Medicine

If you are suffering from an acute condition, using a homeopathic remedy will typically start the healing process immediately.

If you suffer an injury, insect bite, or just the common cold or flu, the appropriate remedy will often give you immediate relief.

Occasionally you may suffer from an aggravation. This means the symptom may get worse before it gets better.

I have experienced both healing types of responses when taking a remedy for headache. Either the headache went away immediately or it got really bad for a few seconds and then was gone. Both types of responses ended up in a cure much faster then if I had taken an aspirin.

Problems with vomiting are also a good example. If you have the correct homeopathic remedy you may vomit one more time and be done or the symptom may just go away immediately.

When one of my children was 9 years old he caught the intestinal flu. He woke up vomiting at 3AM.

I had a cold and flu remedy but couldn't find it. He was sick many times in those early morning hours. As the family got up in the morning I asked each one if they had seen the cold and flu remedy. Finally his older sister got up at 9AM. She had been feeling ill in the night and had the remedy at her bedside. My son then got the remedy and felt immediate relief.

He did not feel like eating the rest of the day but there was no more vomiting and he felt normal.

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes a person will vomit one more time before they get relief.

One explanation for an aggravation of symptoms is that the appropriate homeopathic remedy will make a "disease process move faster".

If an aggravation continues too long then you can put a few grains of red pepper (cayenne pepper) under your tongue. That will stop an aggravation immediately. Mint may do the same thing.

Another example of immediate healing; if you suffer an injury, homeopathic arnica will often give you immediate relief. Everyone should have homeopathic arnica in their medicine cabinet for when injuries occur.

Homeopathic Calendula will stop bruises from appearing.

I personally have had 2 injuries when I used a combination of arnica and calendula. Once was when I was hit on the cheek with a hardball and once when I fell face first on a cement floor and broke my nose. I did not bruise either time. When I broke my nose I had to wear my reading glasses down at the tip of my nose for a month, but no one could tell by looking at me that I had an injury. The pain was gone immediately as well.

Then there are homeopathy remedies that take longer to heal. Silicea is an excellent homeopathic remedy for hip problems. If you are suffering hip pain or have a bad back that seems to come from having your hips out of balance, homeopathic silicea, taken once a day, is often the best remedy.

Instead of healing immediately, it will often relieve symptoms in a 2 or 3 days.

Homeopathy remedies vary in level of difficulty. The easiest way to start using homeopathy is to choose what is known as a "complex remedy". This complex Acne Remedy has more then one ingredient. Its use is described in the name of the remedy. Complex remedies have excellent results for common everyday conditions.

There are many complex remedies available.

Some conditions are best left to trained homeopaths. If someone is suffering from mental conditions such as autism, depression, or panic attacks you should seek a qualified homeopath for guidance.

You want to have fast and effective results with your homeopathy remedies and having a trained professional help with this mental states is the wise thing to do.

Many treatments can be performed at home, but it is a good idea to educate yourself about the process, treatment options, and other aspects of homeopathy remedies.

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Common Home Treatments

Be prepared for the unexpected. You can purchase an audio that includes a wide range of simple treatments for emergency, or sudden onset, health situations. Homeopathy, herbal support and other simple, safe and effective tips and techniques are described in this audio Some situations described include:

  • pain remedies
  • stress and anxiety
  • colds and flu
  • chest pain
  • burn treatments
  • diarrhea
  • asthma attacks
  • headaches
  • infections
  • insect bites
  • food poisoning
  • abscesses
  • kidney stones
  • trauma;bruises to broken bones
  • bleeding

This hour long audio may well save you a trip to the emergency room. The benefits of homeopathy remedies and other healing techniques seem staggering to many who've never studied the possibilities. Even if you aren't certain that natural medicine or homeopathy is the path you want to follow, there are many advantages to learning about the treatments and medicine that are involved in homeopathy and healing naturally.

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Healing the Entire Body

Remember that homeopathy and holistic healing are not necessarily about curing or treating a specific region or zone in your body, but improving the health of the entire body. These treatments can be used to deal with many mental, physical, and emotional health issues. Many of these treatments are perfectly safe to use even on patients that are pregnant—though it's always best to consult a qualified homeopath before doing so. I also recommend the Homeopathic Self Care book listed below. This is a great, easy to use resource for the beginner.

While homeopathy is excellent for treating mild depression, it is vital that you get qualified help immediately in cases of severe depression, or when entertaining thoughts of harming yourself or others.

A qualified homeopath will make every effort to ensure that you are getting the proper attention to all of your physical, mental, and emotional health needs. When all of these areas are healthy, you'll understand the true value of homeopathy remedies as they apply to you.

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