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natural healing food

K.I.S.S. IT!
Three steps to eating Natural Healing Food

Keep It Simple Silly. You can keep eating natural healing food simple.

Keeping things simple is the best way to try to handle life’s challenges. This is particularly true when you’re talking about something you have to do 3 times a day - like eating.

Do not stress over food! Take some time and calmly think about this information.

Take one day to grocery shop slowly and read all labels. Then you will have a handle on what is in your favorite store that will provide the healthiest body, mind, and emotions for you and your family.

Emotions? That is right. Eating natural healing food helps you to have emotional balance.

The following guidelines will lead you to eating natural healing food that will help you feel more energetic and balanced in your life.

1. Eat the right amount of the right foods: Ten times your weight in calories is typically what you need to maintain your resting metabolic weight.

This means if you are 180 pounds you need at least 1800 calories a day, if you are not exercising.

Picture a plate of food. Half should be vegetables and fruit, ¼ whole grains, ¼ a quality protein of natural healing food. A protein serving should be about the size of a cassette tape - remember those? Your fruits and vegetables should come in a variety of colors, mostly from the produce section of the grocery store. If you have a farmers market available, that is even better!

Also, eat something raw every day, like an apple. This helps to provide all the phytonutrients (plant nutrients) and enzymes your body craves.

If you are low in energy, increase the amount of raw food you eat and take digestive enzymes with your meals to help break them down.

2. Time Your meals correctly: You should eat 3 meals a day with a quality protein at each. Do not skip breakfast or eat within 3 hours of bedtime. You will not get the most benefit from eating natural healing food if the timing is not correct.

Timing and protein leads to a more balanced your blood sugar. This decreases your chance of getting diabetes and normalizes your energy.

When you skip breakfast, it often leads to gaining weight because you eat too much later.

A healthy breakfast protein might be eggs, cottage cheese, and cream cheese(not low fat). Some people even eat leftovers from the meal the evening before.

3.Eat natural healing foods that are not processed. These are whole foods such as vegetables and fruits. Eat them in their original container. An apple, carrot, cherry, stalk of celery.

Whole grains: (If the label says "enriched" flour it is not a whole grain.) There is actually more nutrition in a whole grain product then in white bread that has has some vitamins added to it.

Many people have a hidden gluten sensitivity. These people will have digestive problems, stubborn weight gain, and/or some kind of inflammatory or autoimmune disease.

If you think you are one of these people then take all wheat, barley, oats and rye out of your diet for 6 days. Then eat some and see if you can tell a difference.

Eat unprocessed protein. Processed protein includes bacon and sausage. Did you know meats have an ingredient list? Read it.

Deli meat usually has MSG in it. Truly poisonous stuff.

It is hard to find turkey that hasn't been injected with a sugar solution. This makes organic or at least naturally raised meat the best. If you are diabetic, it is especially important to be aware of this.

Buying directly from a farmer is the least expensive way to buy healthy protein. A half a beef can feed a family of 4 more then 6 months. Then you are eating steak for the same price as hamburger.

Fish is healthy. The problem is that many fish are contaminated with chemicals like mercury. Currently the best source of fish is wild caught and comes from very cold northern waters.

The least expensive protein:In my neighborhood there are a lot of deer hunters and lots of deer that like to commit suicide by running in front of cars. Deer meat is very healthy. If you know a hunter, see if you can buy some meat from him.

How Do You Find These Foods?".

Shop around the outside of the store. Go to produce, frozen foods, real cheese, etc.

Most processed foods are found in the center of the grocery section. These are in boxes and bags with ingredients listings a mile long.

Ice cream is not bad for you if you get a natural one and do not "pig out" on it. I usually buy Breyer's vanilla ice cream. It has 3 ingredients. This is an excellent reward food with natural protein and fat. If I eat some other kind of ice cream, I will be fatigued afterwards.


Resources for Healthy Eating include
"METABOLISM" by Dr. Mark Hyman. He has written weight loss and brain health books with lots of excellent information on natural healing food."THE SUGAR ADDICTS TOTAL RECOVERY PROGRAM", is a book that teaches how to control carbohydrate cravings with a potato.

Books by DR. MURRAY’S and Dr. Oz are also good. There is also a book called "THE MAKER’S DIET" that is based on one person learning to heal their digestive system with food.

"Know Your Fats" by Mary Enig was an eye opening read for me. Please read this if you read no other book. There is a LOT of misinformation about fats. Mary does an excellent job in sorting through the hype and medical dogma to the truth.

The Common Link

The common link in all these books is eliminating simple carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour, and trans fats (partially hydrogenated oil). Avoid high fructose corn syrup, dyes and other chemical additives.

Also limit or avoid soy even though some of these books say it is OK. I feel most people that have a lot of soy in their diet tend to develop a food sensitivity that manifests as a stuffy nose or pain in the abdomen.

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