The Value of
Natural Herbal Healing

Natural Herbal Healing

Natural herbal healing is based on the fact that plants have known healing properties.This is the oldest form of healing known to man.

Herbs can be used as a whole plant or part of a plant, like a leaf or root. To learn natural healing and medicine it is important to understand a few key herbs and their importance for various health conditions.

Herbs can be made into liquids such as tinctures, decoctions, and teas. They may also be dried and put into capsules. Some can be useful as topical compresses or put in an ointment.

Systems of healing using herbs have been developed all over the world. Well known systems for using natural herbal healing include Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Unani Tibb, and Tibetan Medicine.

Ayurveda has its roots in India.

Unani Tibb was developed by the Greek physician Hippocrates.

North and South American natives as well as Africa all had natural herbal healing traditions.

Most medications have their root in the plant kingdom but herbs do not work like medications.

Medications are made by finding what scientists feel is the "active" ingredient. This ingredient works by causing some normal body function to stop working so symptoms will disappear.

Typically medications do not cure a disease so much as suppress symptoms of one. Medications are also more likely to have side effects.

Herbs may be used for supporting organs or glands to cleanse, rebuild, soothe, stimulate, and some act as an astringent.

Common herbs in a detoxification program would be elderberry. for building the immune system. and dandelion root that is used for liver and kidney support.

Herbs for Cold and Flu are very effective for helping to prevent and support healing.

Some herbs may interact with medications either stopping them from working or working synergistically making the medication work better then expected. You should take medications ½ hour to an hour away from herbs and be careful about possible interactions.

Herbs work by

a) the nutrient content they have in a similar way to food;

b) the energy or vibration they have, similar to homeopathy; c) or by the immediate effect on the body that is caused by the taste or smell of an herb.

An example of this last effect is Cayenne Pepper. You immediately taste it when it is put in the mouth and it has an immediate effect of stopping bleeding anywhere it is occurring in the body.

If you have a spice cabinet at home, you already have healing herbs at home! Cayenne or red pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, parsley, as well as many others, have well known healing properties. Natural herbal healing plants are often used to make Homeopathic Remedies

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